The main thrust of Arbutus is on Education, Culture, Research, Training, and Networking for Sustainable Development. The Founder-Trustees, Dr. Meera and Arwind Bondre realised the need to supplement and complement formal education with multi-faceted personality development activities, and thus Arbutus was born.

Established in 1976, Arbutus has now entered its fortieth year of fruitful existence; creating vibrant, all-round personalities, and aware and responsible citizens. Registered as a non-profit public charitable trust, it is also listed on page 8 in the Directory of NGOs in Environment published by the Department of Forests and Environment, Government of India, in 1984.

Wide Spectrum of Work:

Arbutus started working for the overall personality development of normal, intelligent, enthusiastic children and the youth in Pune. Over the years Arbutus has considerably expanded its field of work. In addition to working with school children, and graduate and post-graduate students, it also organises special orientation programmes for parents, teachers, lecturers, teacher trainers, NGO workers, management trainees, budding corporators, traders, shopkeepers, hoteliers and so on.

The participatory programmes are in the form of group discussions, workshops, actual hands-on-projects, and visits to environment and development sensitive areas in and around Pune. Round-Tables are organised from time to time which offer a forum for exchange of ideas and collective action.

Through its Centre for Performing Arts, Arbutus aims at promoting various art forms like vocal and instrumental music, dance, and drama among masses. We give a platform to upcoming talent among children and the youth.

We strongly believe that for a well-developed personality and a mature and content society, it is essential to have a balance of professional success, material well-being, as well as mental peace, creative satisfaction and a clean and healthy environment. It is thus our aim to work for the society in general for creating awareness about ecologically and environmentally sensitive issues, promoting art and culture, help people in developing their skills and realising their creative potential, imparting supplementary education and vocational training for increasing employment potential and making them self-reliant. Arbutus believes in holistic and inter-disciplinary education.

It is with this aim that Arbutus has started its Centre for Vocational Training and Liberal Education.