Arbutus Centre for Vocational Training and Liberal Education
Building bridges into the future through liberal education.....

The main focus of Arbutus has always been on Education, as we feel that it is only through on-going, continuous life-long learning, that we can achieve a better social, cultural, ecological, and economic environment, which would be sustainable in the long run. It is with this goal in mind, that Arbutus has started its Centre for Vocational Training and Liberal Education, where we offer short term certificate courses.

The aim is to provide knowledge and impart skills to students as well as working professionals/managers, and create practical value addition for them. The very aim of starting Arbutus was to supplement routine formal education and hence, in keeping with this core objective, these course modules are of short duration and flexible design. This makes it convenient for the participants to complete these courses and hone their skills without disturbing their office or college schedules. The courses are conducted by qualified and experienced faculty, and the participants are equipped with the fundamentals of the subject and a practical holistic perspective.

Currently, the following courses are being conducted under the aegis of the Centre:

Academic and Vocational Courses:

1. Economics for Everyone
Specially designed for working professionals, managers, MBA aspirants, and college students

2. Research Methodology for Social Sciences

3. Qualitative Research Methodology

4. Principles of Sustainable Development

Concepts in Ecology, Externalities, Social Justice, Environmental Cost Assessment, Issues in Development, Fundamentals of Environmental Economics

Courses in Art and Music:

1. Vocal Music
Performance skills, voice modulation, breath control, using the microphone, and studio recording experience

2. Warli Art and Techniques in Glass and Fabric Painting

3. Knitting and Crochet Work

4. Stitching and Fashion Designing

Write to us on or call us on +91 7028045451 to join these courses or know more about them.