Involving Youth & Interns:

Arbutus carries out orientation programmes for the youth and interns in different areas of Sustainable Development like Economy, Ecology, Corporate Social Responsibility, linkages of Business and Environment, and the role of industry in protecting the environment. We undertake lectures and workshops on invitation.

A large number of college and university students have done their internship with Arbutus. They are from a variety of disciplines like Mass Communications, Management, Engineering, Arts, Law, and Commerce. They are assigned different projects involving Industry, Media, NGOs; as well as projects for Empowerment, and involving the Handicapped. Students of Masters in Social Work (MSW) also do their internship with Arbutus.

In addition to lectures and workshops, Arbutus also carries out educational visits to ecologically diversified or sensitive areas. Over the years, Arbutus has undertaken visits to the surrounding hills and gardens in Pune city. Students study the flora and fauna. We also undertake tree plantation and conservation programmes. Similarly, visits have also been made to a Fish Farm near the city, Electricity Generation Unit, Dams, and a Blind Home.

Arbutus organises competitions on relevant topics like Air, Water, Soil, Bio-diversity, Sustainable Agriculture, and Green Architecture. These competitions invite papers, posters, models, projects, and articles. Experts from various fields are invited to judge these competitions.

Arbutus organises Round Tables of School, College, and University Students, called the ‘Voice of the Young’. In these round-tables, the students get a forum to express their ideas and opinions, and important stakeholders of the society listen and respond to the students.

Arbutus has from time to time also undertaken various other activities like bicycle rallies, Mock Parliament, Mock Corporation, and Camps.

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