Production of Education Support Material:

Arbutus designs and produces education support material, explaining different concepts of environment conservation and protection, the Agenda 21 process, and sustainable development. This material is in the form of leaflets, handbills, booklets, worksheets, workbooks, charts, and educational games. It is being used extensively by students, teachers, and social workers here and abroad. Arbutus is working for reorientation of the formal education for a long time. Now, it is preparing a short Education Policy and Implementation Paper which will state the consensus of students and educators from many disciplines about the current status of education in and around Pune. This paper is the outcome of several round-tables organised at various levels (from KG to PG) and will be the Arbutus-contribution towards the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD).

Information Dissemination:

In order to promote individual and collective actions of citizens towards solving everyday problems, leaflets are produced which disseminate correct scientific information in a simple language. The titles of some of the leaflets produced are:

1.  Do Not Burn Garbage And Fallen Leaves - It Only Pollutes The Air Further
2.  Refuse Plastic Carry Bags - Take Your Own Bags When You Go For Shopping
3.  Cut Down On Crackers And Reduce Pollution
4.  The Cleanliness Obsession - Are The Detergents And The Chemical Cleaners Safe For Us And For Our Environment?
5.  Introduction To Agenda 21

These are only a representative few of the wide variety of leaflets produced.

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