Six Networks:

In the course of time Arbutus has developed the following six networks involving institutions and individuals working in similar areas:

1.  Education
2.  Environment Protection
3.  Population and Health
4.  Sustainable Agriculture
5.  The Handicapped
6.  Social Issues (like poverty reduction, gender equality, social justice, empowerment of women etc.)

These networks provide platforms for like-minded people to pool their resources and to carry out effective joint programmes. Through such united actions Arbutus has been building small little bridges into the future, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Communication Sheet:

Arbutus has prepared a Communication Sheet used for networking for a sustainable future to collect basic information from the NGOs or other organizations. Interested party can click here to download this fillable form created in Microsoft Word. Download it, print it, fill it and send it to us by mail or send the filled form to us electronically as an attachment at . In addition to the Communication Sheet, Arbutus has developed a more detailed form to collect information from the members of the NGOs, and other organizations to participate in various projects. Click here to download this fillable form too to allow Arbutus to expand its resource pool. Click here for detailed instructions on how to download these forms.

Photo Gallery:

Click here for the photo gallery.

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