Our Team:

About Trustees:

Founder Trustee, Arwind Bondre

Arwind Bondre is an entrepreneur with forty years of experience as manufacturer of submersible and chemical process pumps and also agro-engineering equipment like groundnut shelling machines and multi-purpose threshers.

An engineer by qualification, he has addressed on issues related to Sustainable Development at several International Conferences as Founder-Trustee of Arbutus. He has published articles on Environment Protection and Sustainable Development in magazines and newspapers.

A talented speaker, he has also anchored programmes in the area of Appropriate and Environment Friendly Technology on All India Radio, Pune, and also has delivered several talks on the subject. He has also written, directed and anchored playlets on English language teaching on All India Radio, Pune. He is also a trained Hindustani Classical Vocalist and has compered many classical music and dance concerts by acclaimed artistes.

He has been active in the Rotary Club of Pune North for over 25 years on posts like Youth Director, Community Service Director, Coordinator of Cultural events and Secretary.

Founder Trustee, Dr. Meera Bondre

Dr. Meera Bondre is a Ph.D. in Ecology and Hydrobiology from the University of Pune. She received the prestigious Bharat Jyoti Award in 2003 for her outstanding work in the area of Scientific Research, Environment Protection, and Education. She has published many articles in several international journals and written booklets, workbooks, and playlets on Environment and Sustainable Development.

She is also the Honorary President of the University Women’s Association, (UWA) Pune, which is affiliated to the International Federation of University Women (IFUW), which has its Head Office in Geneva, Switzerland. She has also served as the Honorary Trustee, Treasurer, Vice-President, as well as Convener of several projects of the UWA, Pune.

She was the only member of IFUW from the Asia-Pacific Region, chosen by the United Nations, as a Success Story Presenter in the area of 'Water' at the UN Global Assembly in USA in 1991. She has also contributed in two UN International Conferences and the IFUW Conference in Geneva; all preparatory to the Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro, 1992, where "Women's Mandate to the Future" was presented.

She is also a trained sitar player and takes keen interest in Hindustani Classical Music.

Team Members:

  Anjali Talegaokar
  Alaka Sathe
  Asha Gadgil
  Shobha Pokale
  Smita Agashe
  Dr. Kalyani Bondre (www.kalyanibondre.com)
  Manjusha Wadekar

How Can I Become A Member?

Unlike other social organisations, Arbutus does not take any membership fees from its members. On the contrary, we give our members out of pocket expenses (like conveyance) for carrying out different projects. However, we do not offer jobs. All that we expect is contribution of skills and work in your area of interest, and innate qualities like dedication, commitment, responsibility, and an urge to do something for the society. If you feel you have these qualities, and would like to become a member, send in your resume and areas of interest to arbutusccc@yahoo.com. We will get back to you.